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Welcome to Willamette Valley Productions
Willamette Valley Productions (WVP) is a professional event management company focused on bringing consumers and businesses together through organized, fun events that benefit the local economy. Long before thousands of well informed attendees come to these events, the dedicated team at WVP has strategically utilized special media tools to uniquely deliver the home show you’ve come to depend on. With years of experience, we’ve been able to harness the many different but available forms of advertising and streamline them in a concentrated way for the best impact.


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Working hard for You

What this means as an exhibitor:
You’ll be able to experience the best audience directly. The event will place you face to face with regional customers who will make this show productive and successful for you. Creating new customers!
What this means as an attendee:
You can be assured that both the products and companies on display are credible and knowledgeable. They will make your event experience beneficial. Whether you are learning how to do a project yourself or searching for the right company to do it for you, you will find the help and ideas you need at our home show.




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